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Love these goodies!  The Coconut Macaroons, Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies and Everything Seed Crackers are some of my favorites. I recently ordered a vegan gift basket as a hostess gift for friends in NY and it was a big hit! They too just ordered a gift basket for a friend. 
Sue J

Healthy, satisfying and delicious

I have been looking for a grain free granola thats not too sweet ,has organic ingredients and is simply good tasting - I just found it <333 Thank you to Chrissy's Crumble ... Really nice owner and all is made with love - the effort truly shows... I have been eating the granola almost everyday... great snack in the afternoon or incorporated as a protein in the morning ... Thank you for what you do oxoxo
Cathey ★★★★★ 

Bought a couple bags at a market in Boston and absolutely love it. Perfect snack for a keto diet and I don't feel bad for eating the whole thing!

I have fallen in love with the date balls...I ate a 6 pack of them in less than 15 minutes :) I'm so happy to have found Chrissy's Crumble. They are going to add some tasty treats and snacks to my diet. The customer service is amazing. Thanks to Chrissy for this great food and service!

Rob W. 
Waltham, MA

My first time buying bag of Cranberry chip Granola at Watertown farmers market. Hope you continue to make that type, and I wish you continued success in your business.
Jonathan S.

The absolute BEST granola, BEST cheesecake, BEST, well everything I’ve tried is scary good!!
Teri S.

Chrissy's cookies are better then any cookie I've had-I can't believe they are so healthy!! The best!
Jerrie S.

The BEST crunchy flavorful chocolate chip cookies ever!! My absolute favorite!
Ree C.

Hi..I bought a bag of  'Figgy Nuts' crumble today at the Natick Farmers Market..Its so fresh and scrumptious! Cant wait to buy more!! Thank you for coming to Natick!


Hi Chrissy...

It's Rebecca from the Newburyport Farmers Market.  I felt compelled to email to tell you that the 3 packages of cookies I bought yesterday are GONE... and I didnt even get a chance to hide some for myself!  I have been trying to transition the family to a more Paleo lifestyle and your products make it so much easier.   G LOVES the chocolate mint cookies, S loves the lemon and D ate all the chocolate walnut (luckily I had eaten one on the way home).  So just wanted to say thank you.  I'll  see you in 2 weeks to stock up!!
- Rebecca D

Hi Chrissy, 
bought your granola at the Natick Farmer's Market in Natick on Saturday, the apricot cashew and dark cherry .. it' s yummy !!!  
- terri l.

I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company!
I've been a long time buyer of your yummy granola and more and can't imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little sunshine. 🙂
You're doing great work, it's appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.
- amber m.

Where have you been all my life???
We purchased 2 bags of Apricot Cashew last Saturday at SoWa and we're hooked.  Thank you so much for making a grain free, gluten free product that taste this good.  We have been sprinkling it over our yogurt and fresh berries and of course eating it as a snack like trail mix also.  I hope you are around for a long long time! 
- Evelyn B

Dear Chrissy,

A friend randomly gave me a bag of your dark cherry chip last nite.  I was going to give it away because I recently started a low carb, no sugar, no fun diet. Imagine my delight when I read the ingredients and realized I could actually keep it.  I was even more thrilled when I tasted how great it was.  I'm so happy there's a satisfying food out there that is actually healthy.  I just ordered 6 bags.  Thank you for creating it!  Well done! 
Sincerely, Catherine P.

U should be so proud of yourself.  I bought the figgy nuts at the expo this past weekend.  I never tasted granola so delicious and moist.  Thank you so much.  I'm looking forward to ordering more.  I forgot to mention how healthy.  Many blessings send your way. 😘
- Lisa S.

Good stuff. I am on a low carb diet and this make me think I am cheating :)
- Michelle A.

The Dark Cherry Chip is amazing!  
Just the right amount of decadence and crunch.  I enjoyed it straight out of the bag and with yogurt.  So yummy!!  
- Jenny D.

Love each flavor!!  
Love this granola - the best I have had.  Gluten free and low carb, so perfect for my diet regulations
- Renee L.

Loving my Figgy Nuts!!  
So much love and care go into the basking of this fabulous product.  A handful or two does the trick to give you a quick pick me up midday or try it the way I love it most - in a bowl with cold milk!  So yummy.....
- Kathy G., Austin, TX

Nutty about Peanuts Go Bananas
Wow this NO-Grain0Ola is amazing!  It has a a natural banana flavor and whole peanuts.  I tried all the other varieties and was surprised this was my favorite.
- Jeanne, Boston, MA

Craving Chocolate?  
Dark Cherry Chip satisfies all the cravings in one bite My favorite.
- Clare C.


This is absolutely delicious!  
I have been on a vegan diet cleanse for the past two weeks and I can eat all the ingredients in the Tropical Island blend.  I've been eating it out of the bag as a snack and can't wait to try it with oatmeal for breakfast.  Its a little sweet and salty, such a great combination!
- Teri 

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