Behind the Crumble:

Christine, who went by Chrissy until the age of 11, cooked up the idea for Chrissy’s Crumble in her own kitchen several years ago when she and her fiancé John started the paleo diet.  It was difficult for John to give up cereal, so Christine was determined to create an alternative.  She experimented with mixing nuts, seeds and dried fruits together to create a healthy snack that was free of sugar or additives.  In the beginning, she shared with family and friends, and their initial reaction was “this is wicked good!” It wasn’t long before she was receiving requests for more, and Chrissy’s Crumble Wicked Good No-Grain-Ola was born.  In 2015, Christine and John established a residential bakery and have been sharing their product at farmer’s markets and special events in the Greater Boston area, and through the online store.  

In 2017, Christine and John expanded their naturally gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free offerings to include cookies, energy bites, scones, savory crackers, and dairy-free cheesecake. All Chrissy's Crumble products are handmade using quality plant-based ingredients, mildly sweetened with organic VT maple syrup, and packaged with love and care.